The Nitty Gritty Of Good Website Making Practices

Have you ever seen a website that works really nice on your computer or even your laptop, but the moment you try to access the same on your mobile it leaves you struggling for ages to find the correct setting? This goes to prove that the website does not have a mobile version, does not have a professionally managed web developer and the business does not really take their job seriously.

It might sound farfetched, but in today’s world where the entire population is online 24×7, and ensure to check the website and read up on the product before they buy anything, having a good website is a necessity, no longer a luxury or something that you can avoid.

Analysis shows that more than 83% of customers will go on to a service provider or company’s website, read reviews about them, see how professionally managed and up to date the web page is, before they finalize to make their purchase. They would also compare the web pages of similar products (such as Mirador Wealth and Superguide) and draw up a conclusion based on online feedback.

This sets a precedence and if your website is good, and shortlisted by the customer, it can mean business generation in terms of word of mouth. For a small business, this could mean the world and attract an organic growth without having to invest in extravagant advertorials to substantiate growth.

A good website also gives you the chance to work on search engine optimization. There are millions of websites existing and millions being added to the worldwide web every year. In such a situation having a technologically updated, regularly maintained website that keeps adding services, products and information, helps in achieving a good rank on search engines. Take for example. Their internal linkage is spot on, especially with their comparison chart ( A prime example of solid internal linking which boasts SEO.

Therefore, if a potential client is looking for services that you offer on a search engine, and your website is SEO optimized, then there are chances of your website showing up in the top pages of the search, leading to better visibility.

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