What Is Graphic Designing?

Graphic designing is a form of visual communication, in which the designer uses different forms of computerized or handmade, symbols, sketches, typography or layout to convey a particular message or idea. This form of communication has a very lasting impact as we tend to remember images and can relate to them in the context it was seen by us.

This is where a graphic designer comes in…

The work of a graphic designer is to understand the perspective of the customer. Some clients can be very detailed and clear about their requirements, whereas others can be extremely vague, not knowing what they are looking for themselves. In both cases, the designer is supposed to grasp the essence out of the brief and prepare a rough draft of what the artwork, logo, webpage or any other final product should look like.

This needs to be presented to the client in a form that they can understand what the designer has wanted to convey. For example, if it is a logo of the company and the designer has come up with the symbol of significance, then they should be able to explain the importance to the client. Starting from the color, the shape to the silhouette and any write-up, everything should have a meaning attached to it.

Therefore, there ought to be a huge amount of research, planning, understanding and practice that should go into the work to be able to grasp the client’s requirement, and visualize it into a 2D form. It is very important, as the graphic design is not a mere artwork, it is a representation of a company; like today we can identify a McDonalds from a distance, simply by looking at its yellow arches. Similarly, it is the responsibility of a graphic designer to create something that inspires and captivates the attention of consumers.

For those aspiring to be a graphics designer, here are five reasons why it is the ideal career choice.

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